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Date: 12/11/2015 6:20 PM UTC

It's always amazing at how fast the cycle turns for schools and sports move here at I29 Sports. We just finished awarding our Players of the Year and re-tooling our Player of the Game and Athlete of the Week programs as well. We remain committed to our goal of providing the best brands, best service and best pricing on the planet throughout the Midwest.....BUT it is amazing to see so many of the new prototype FOOTBALL uniform proofs already being built in preparation for the 2016/17 season! Life just blazes by so stop this holiday season to enjoy time with friends and family and we will keep making sure you are prepared even if the first kickoff is still almost 9 months away!

Posted by Habib Obaid


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Unknown said...

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12/21/2015 9:08 AM UTC

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